Zero Stimulants

Our formula contains ZERO stimulants, virtually eliminating the negative effects associated with caffeine-based products. The Glitch formula does not effect your heart rate or blood pressure, while continuing to maintain effectiveness even after continued consumption.

Boosts Cognitive Function

Glitch targets the "I feel tired" receptors in your brain, while at the same time activating your dopamine receptors. This directly impacts your EMF: Energy, Mood, and Focus, giving you a brain tickle that you just can't find in caffeine-packed energy drinks.

Anytime Energy

Because our formula is stimulant-free and does not affect sleep quality, you can consume Glitch anytime of the day without worrying about missing out on those precious ZZZZZ's. This means that gamers and high performers alike can benefit from the heightened focus and mental clarity that comes with drinking Glitch, anytime, anywhere.